Piwigo mobile app for iOS and Android

Piwigo is also on your smartphone! A free mobile application to manage your photo library and take advantage of many features.

Import your photos and videos

With the Piwigo mobile application, add photos to your photo library at any time from your mobile. Create new albums or add to your existing albums. Also import videos if you have this option on your gallery (compatible with the VideoJS plugin).

Your photo library follows you everywhere

With the Piwigo mobile application, access your photo library at any time! No need to keep all your files on your phone: find all your albums, photos and videos from the mobile application.

Albums always well classified

From the Piwigo mobile application, you have full control over your albums. You can create them, modify them, rename them as you see fit. You can also define the parameters of each album: name, description, thumbnail image ...

Finely manage your photos

You have access to all the details of your photos from the Piwigo mobile application, and you can modify them: title, description, tags, author ... You can also classify your photos, download them to your mobile, or delete them.

Import options for your photos

Size and quality

Change the size of your photos and the quality you want to keep on the server.


Access all the metadata of your files and modify them if necessary: ​​title, author, date, confidentiality, tags, description ...

Geotagging your photos

Automatically retrieve the GPS coordinates of your photos to be able to view them on a map from your gallery.

Invite your relatives and colleagues

The Piwigo mobile application is compatible with the Community plugin, which allows non-administrator users to also send photos to Piwigo.

Copy and move your photos and videos

With the Piwigo mobile app for iOS, you can easily organize and reorganize your photos, changing which album they are in, or copying them from one album to another.

iOS only

Share your photos and videos

Share your photos and videos to your contacts directly from the Piwigo mobile application, thanks to the integrated sharing menu.

iOS only

Security and confidentiality

User rights

The authorizations configured in Piwigo are also valid on the mobile application: each user can only see the albums to which they are entitled.


As always with Piwigo, your data only belongs to you. No tracking, no sharing of your personal data, no algorithm that will look at your files.

Data control

Determine whether or not you want to pass the metadata of your photos when you share them from the app.

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