Release note / Piwigo 11.0.0

A major update, focused on design and user experience, once more.

Download Piwigo 11.0.0

Released on January 19th, 2021


Ready for a ton of improvements?

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Download Piwigo 11.0.0

Released on January 19th, 2021


Seen as our improvements and redesigns are so numerous, we've decided to change our versionning system! After the 2.10 version introduced a new design for a few of the administration pages, this version 11 implements a new design on many other pages. Piwigo 11 also brings new features, for both the admin and the gallery side, such as an album search tool, an activity chart or related albums.

Get ready for pleasant surprises!

Version jumps from 2.10 to 11

Goodbye version 2.11, welcome version 11! Back in 2008 we decided to rename PhpWebGallery into Piwigo and we jumped version from 1.7 to 2.0. It means we've been on version 2 for 12 years. Much longer than many other projects whole life. A version 2.10 or 2.11 does not reflect the huge work we've put into the redesign of Piwigo user interface, even if the technical backend did not change much. We want to make obvious we're bringing a lot of improvements with these versions. Maybe version 2.10 should have been a version 3, as some of the community members suggested. So it's time to review our versionning system. Let's jump from version 2.10 to 11.0!

Group managerredesign

Complete rewrite of the group manager: cleaner, better user experience and ability to associate users.

The overall look of the new group manager. We've kept all of the previous features, but we have made the user experience much nicer.

New feature: now you can associate users directly, without using the user manager

Plugin managerredesign

Plugin manager in Piwigo 11: a refreshed design, the menu link moved to the plugin box itself and a new filtering feature.

Photo editingredesign

In Piwigo 11, the photo editing has a refreshed design to give more importance to each photo and its data.

History statsredesign

History statistics in Piwigo 11 now have animated curves for a nicer look.

The History statistics page also gets a compare mode, to compare years or months.

My name is Zacharie and I joined the Piwigo adventure in April 2020 as part of my computer science studies in Nantes (France). I worked with the team to release version 2.11 of Piwigo, including rejuvenating the visual interfaces of the administration area.

Using Pierrick's advice and Hannah's mockups, I implemented the new Group Manager, the new Tag manager, and refreshed many other pages. To do this, I used my skills in JavaScript and CSS, I also added AJAX to a lot of the pages for a better user experience (UX). With a creative temper, you might notice the few of the animations I left in the new pages.

Activity chartnew

Piwigo 2.10 started to register many administration activities, such as album edition or group creation... Piwigo 11 is now able to show a chart of all these activities.

The activity chart is displayed on the dashboard, next to general stats and quicklinks

The more activities you have, the bigger the circle. Piwigo gives your details for each day of activity.

Batch managerrefresh

Piwigo 11's batch manager gets a refreshed design, following the guidelines of the other new generation pages.

The "filter" section of the Batch Manager gets a new design for adding filters

Tag managerredesign

The tag manager gets a complete rewrite with this version 11. It has the same features but a new user experience and speed.

Here we have the default mode where you can add a new tag and apply an action on any existing tag...

... then you can activate the selection mode to select several tags at once and perform a merge or a deletion.

A filter is provided to help find your tags. Which is useful when you have lots of them.

Move albumsredesign

With Piwigo 11, we get a completely new user interface to move albums. This is the only page where you can see your whole album hierarchy.

You can either change the order of sub-albums within the same album or move an album into any other album.

Theme managerrefresh

The same design rules as the new plugin manager are applied.

Album editingredesign

Piwigo 11 now has a more modern and colorful page to edit albums.

Album managerredesign

The album manager follows the same design as the group manager introduced earlier.

Album search toolnew

With this version, Piwigo 11 gets a new tool to search among all your albums. I am guessing that it will be very useful to many administrators

Mobile app promotionnew

If you're opening from a mobile device, Piwigo will promote the Piwigo app to open/install. Can be activated in the administration or the gallery or completely deactivated.

For now, this feature only works on iOS devices, ie iPhone or iPad.

Database dump removed

The database dump feature proposed on the update page has been removed. It was no longer working with recent versions of PHP. It is replaced by a simpler message to always have a backup of files and database.

Requirements checked before updatenew

Before future updates, Piwigo 11+ will check the required PHP version. We want to avoid the situation where you have started updating Piwigo and realize that you're stuck because your PHP is too old. We also want to be able to seriously increase PHP version in the near future.

Related albumsnew

Piwigo 11 is able to show "related albums" and combine albums. Yes, it looks a lot like "related tags". The big difference is that albums can be organized by hierarchy, while tags are flat.

Piwigo will let you combine albums to find the exact set of photos you're searching for.

Log in with your email address

Now you can also log in with your email address instead of your username. First Piwigo checks if the provided credentials matches a username, if not we check among email addresses.

User manager, smarter selection

The user manager gets a slight improvement in Piwigo 11: you could only select the current page or the whole set of users. Now the "select whole set" takes the filter into account. This way you can easily apply the same action to all users of a given group.

Custom alertsredesign

Browser alerts are replaced by custom alerts. More explicit labels, to better understand what you're doing.

Technical features

Please note that more detailed documentation is available about Technical changes in Piwigo 11. Please read it to make your extensions compatible with Piwigo 11.

Quick search and sub-albums

The quick search (search from menu) can include sub-albums photos in search results. A search for "bear" will show photos in albums "wild bears / grizzly" and "wild bears / giant panda". This feature needs to be explicitely activated with local configuration $conf['quick_search_include_sub_albums'] = true;

Plugin "Has Settings"

In Piwigo 11, plugins are no longer listed in the administration menu. Instead we have a “Settings” button in the box of the plugin. The button is activated by the old get_admin_plugin_menu_links trigger but can be replaced by the Has Settings in the file header. learn more

Less languages activated

Only installation language is activated by default, instead of the 70+ languages available.

Calls to in HTTPS only

Your Piwigo makes calls (HTTP requests) to to get the list of extensions or to check for a new available version. From now, all these calls will be performed in HTTPS.

New trigger

We have added 1 trigger at the end of the central function when uploading a file add_uploaded_file.

  • trigger_notify('loc_end_add_uploaded_file', $image_infos);

API changes

  • newpwg.images.uploadAsync upload photo in random order chunks
  • newpwg.tags.delete
  • newpwg.tags.rename
  • newpwg.tags.duplicate
  • newpwg.tags.merge
  • newpwg.groups.merge
  • newpwg.groups.duplicate