Release note / Piwigo 14.2.0

bug fixes

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Released on January 30th, 2024


The list of major changes is described on Piwigo 14.0.0 release note

Bugs fixed



Bugs fixed

2096 / UX

[search] save list of filters

2095 / UX

[UX] make obvious "Who can see this photo?" is related to privacy level

2094 / Photos

[search 14.x] selectize listbox is too short

2093 / Technical

remove new line during IPTC metadata import/sync

2089 / UX

hide button "search in this set" by default

2088 / Technical

history.section autofill should not be case sensitive

2086 / Photos

Wrong icons when AdminTools is activated

2081 / Technical

[14.1.0] lost menu and calendar icons


New language: Armenian (Հայերեն (Hayerēn))

Updated languages

Catalan (Català)

Czech (Česky)

Danish (Dansk)

German (Deutsch)

Greek (Ελληνικά)

American English

Spanish (Español)

Estonian (eesti)

Basque (Euskara)

French (Français)

Icelandic (Íslenska)

Italian (Italiano)

Norwegian Bokmål (bokmål)

Dutch (Nederlands)

Polish (Polski)

Slovak (Slovensky)

Swedish (Svenska)

Turkish (Türkçe)

Ukrainian (Українська)

Traditional Chinese (中文 繁體)


We recommend the automatic upgrade. If you're running version 2.2+, Piwigo will tell you which plugins may be not compatible with Piwigo 14 before upgrade.

If you're running Piwigo 14.x you can also download the archive that contains all new and modified files. Once you have extracted the files, transfer them onto your web server with a FTP client over your Piwigo 14.x installation. No database upgrade is required.

If you are running a version older than 14 and do not want to use the automatic upgrade, then follow the manual upgrade.