Release note / Piwigo 2.10.1

bug fixes

Download Piwigo 2.10.1

Released on October 14th, 2019


The list of major changes is described on Piwigo 2.10.0 release note

Bugs fixed



Bugs fixed

1099 / Photos

[batch manager] TypeError: associated_categories is null

1098 / Technical

[batch manager] checksum computation, reduce block size

1097 / Technical

[batch manager] checksum computation blocksize should stay the same

1092 / Technical

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[name=pwg_token

1090 / Display

missing checksums warning on dashboard might scare users

1089 / Technical

Jshrink uses deprecated function, breaks javascript


Updated languages

Breton (Brezhoneg)

Catalan (Català)

Danish (Dansk)

Italian (Italiano)


We recommend the automatic upgrade. If you're running version 2.2+, Piwigo will tell you which plugins may be not compatible with Piwigo 2.10 before upgrade.

If you're running Piwigo 2.10.x you can also download the archive that contains all new and modified files. Once you have extracted the files, transfer them onto your web server with a FTP client over your Piwigo 2.10.x installation. No database upgrade is required.

If you are running a version older than 2.10 and do not want to use the automatic upgrade, then follow the manual upgrade.