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Piwigo is open source photo management software. Manage, organize and share your photo easily on the web. Designed for organisations, teams and individuals.

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High Volume

Piwigo shines when it comes to classifying thousands or even hundreds of thousands of photos.


Born in 2002, Piwigo has been supporting its users for more than 21 years. Always evolving!

Open Source

Source code is available, editable, auditable and extendable thanks to plugins and themes.

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Winchester City Council
Metropolitan University BelGrade
Office du Tourisme du Bassin d'Arcachon
Photothèque Touristique du Lot

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Piwigo is a very high performance, very versatile gallery program. It offers a good selection of attractive themes. It also offers good technical support from it's staff and from fellow users.

Robert Deming, Filmpack Camera Club

Non Profits United States

We opted for Piwigo because it seemed to be a flexible solution that met our needs without being very expensive. We're delighted and have been able to measure the difference: before, for the production of our brochure in 2020, we had to exchange HD files by transfer... a real pain. Now, as soon as I buy photos, I enter them into Piwigo with all the information relating to the project, and we share the photo library with the graphic designers. This time we didn't waste any time and we managed the iconographic part of our new brochure really well.

Georgia Desvarennes, Texaa

Companies France

Our photo library has been hosted on since 2013. We feed it regularly, at each photo shoot of our products for the preparation of catalogues and commercial sheets. The use of Piwigo simplifies the hierarchical organization of photos and speeds up our searches thanks to keywords. Remote access allows us to work in a common private space for our 18 offices. Intuitive and efficient, Piwigo has enabled our teams to become more autonomous.

Sandrine Bourroux, TerreAzur

Companies France

I'm a professional photographer. My old website was an online gallery, but it was 10 years old and no longer up to today's standards, notably compatibility with tablets and smartphones. So I started looking for a robust solution: 3,000 albums and 150,000 high-resolution photos. My website is an important platform, as it allows me to make a backup of my work, to have a gallery for each customer, and each customer has a 10-year history and must be able to identify himself and download his old reports. After a long search, I came across Piwigo, which met all my expectations. So I created a test gallery and realized that there was even a module that allowed me to take over my old Gallery2 website. It's been almost a year since the migration. The site is fast and handles the mass of information well. The visual customization allowed me to get exactly what I wanted. Importantly, with open-source software, the site and community forum are very active and responsive to questions and problem-solving. In short, I'm delighted to have chosen Piwigo for the centerpiece of my professional activity.

Luc Viatour

Photographers & individuals Belgium

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